In-111 labeled WBC

Indications: Inflammatory bowel disease, orthopedic hardware, prior fracture

Contraindications: WBC count less than 5K

Questions asked in Patient History:

1- Any recent surgical procedure
2- Any history of chronic pain
3- Any orthopedic hardware recently inserted
4-Possibility of bring pregant or breastfeeding

Radiopharmaceutical information:
  • Radionuclide: Indium 111
  • Radiopharmaceutical: Oxine WBC
  • Adult dosing: 0.5 uCi
  • Pediatric dosing:
  • Method of administration: Intravenous
  • Method of Localization:
  • Physical Half-life: 67 hours

Patient Preparation:

No patient preperation is needed for this procedure.

Side Effects:

Will the patient feel any different during or after the procedure?

Equipment Used:
Type of Camera or Probe
Collimator used: MEGP

Acquisition Setup:

Photopeak(s): 173 and 247

Window(s): 20%

Dynamic: View(s)
Number of Frames:

Statics: View(s)
Total Counts or Duration:

Whole body: View(s)
Matrix: 512x1024
Scan Speed: 6cm/min
Start/stop points: head to toe

180 or 90 degree configuration
Total Rotation: 180
Starting point: 45 degree
Matrix: 128x128x16
Number of Azmuiths: 64



1- No patient preparation needed for this procedure.
2- Blood obtain from patient prior to procedure, blood send to radiopharmacy to be labeled.
3- Administer IV 0.5 mCi of labeled In-111 oxine WBC via a 18 gauge needle.
4- Imaging time begin 4 hour post injection.
5- whole body parameters; views: anterior and posterior; scan speed 6cm/minute, 500K counts of the abdomen.
6- if need be spect study is requested, parameters would include: 180 degree rotation, 40 seconds/frame, 32 frames/projection.

Normal Uptake and common varients:

Normal bio-distribution in specific organs such as liver, bone marrow and spleen are usually visualize in scan.

Abnormal Uptake and causes:

Any other site where the radiopharmaceutical is more intense than the liver and less than the bone marrow would consider very serious.

Several abormalities may alter true diagnosis if adequate patient is not taken. these artifacts are: feeding tube, colostomy bag, healing fracture and surgical wounds.